Chapter 01: The Importance of Time



Success stairs end at the different steps for different people, For each step, the key goal can be different and may vary from person to person, i.e. For some Success might be financial goals, million-dollar achievement. Each field had his own mantra for success just as Trophies for sportsmen, medal championships for the Runner. War of Success began within self. Success routine takes care of health & happiness. There is no limit to the success in life and nor the age of achieving it. Trying it till your last breath is only the key to success. 
In this journey, we are going to have set of stories which I have been through in the life so be free to comment. The reason is that we have to learn from other experience so we do not waste time in experimanting and doing. So sit back and enjoy 

Chapter 01: The Importance of Time
The Importance of Time

Chapter 01  

In this chapter the story is about a kid and the writer in this story is a coach so the kid who has just completed his SSC failed in the exam the condition of the family is not that good mom earns by washing utensils and dad works in Dubai as a driver. Sister has been married 2 years ago the boy wants to become the Olympic 200 meter runner. Family pressure of studying the boy wakes up at 3:30 am in the morning hit the ground at 4 sharp this boy called denote Dada and requested to help out with his training and as a big heart person after listening to a story. I donated a pair of shoes some of my jerkies to him and we started. I asked him about his last season basically his first season he replied: " He has attempted the state level competition, but lose it just, because of 5 Sec before the cross the finish line he just look back for a Sec and that changes his position from 1st place to 5th place so he just missed looking back the success by 5-Sec difference so the runner will teach the value of time". The boy after such big defeat stand again for next year with a numb in his eyes this boy's word in Hindi "Kuch nai dada iss bar jeet kar Aunga" 

A lot of people are arguing about this because after such a defeat the mind starts to doubt fate and the second wall is like writing on the wall. On which Oli says the dark side battle is not with us. So never give up, just believe in yourself and give it another try.............................. 
so we started with training there are 7 months left with him for a new competition so the seven months will be with me the guys so we sat together and scheduled his diet and training now the guy doesn't have investment he used to work with a paper line in the morning and eat 6 eggs with his home rice and dal and attempt the state level was a shock so as every athlete he was born from a story of hunger-fighting for his dream....
 The routine started the boy was called at 4 am on the ground and as a key of my room was with me I went 15 min early as I enter the gate I hear a noise of heavy breath and I saw this guy running before it was quarter to 3am..................... 

stay tuned to know more about the kid
(Chapter 2 coming soon) 


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