Chapter 2

Till now we were knowing him as a boy so the name is "Dinesh" chapter consists of the emotional punch, young age love and the struggle of Dinesh between the love and so without further suspense lets began.....   

the importance of time capture its
The importance of time capture 2

Chapter 02  

Dinesh was quite regular with his routine some week went fluently so it was a Friday and I usually have a holiday for Saturday and was the weekend so I invited him to join me for the outing. So Dinesh joints me to my friend's farmhouse for a chilling weekend and after we reached to our destination I asked him for a drink so by his reply I was shocked!!!  

He said "Dada I have broken up with my girlfriend for my dreams how can I make relation with alcohol should I ???. If you want to offer me something" can you offer me a job? So I won't feel guilty if you train me. He got a clause of claps from people present at the party I was speechless, this boy made a place in the heart. 
So I decided to let him join me with my women's fitness coaching so he learned from me and worked as a helping hand for me. After some days he started handling the batch of his own and I started to pay him which he refused in beginning but accepted later which helped him with his diet and supplementation. So Dinesh become Dinesh Sir now.This guy used to workout early morning goes to the paper line and then classes and in the evening handle my batch because of Dinesh I got motivated and my batches got extended. I started with 4 people batch and now I was having 24 peoples to manage with two batches ... so Dinesh used to manage one and me other. He was so genuine with the client a client gifted him his old phone.... and he started getting a favorite of my fitness family. One evening I asked him about his relationship so this guy had a wonderful love story of school life just like we have a crush. this guy was mad behind her it sound like a joke but said that "He came to know about his running stamina while running behind her " crush on school stairs 6 time a day later on they came into relation and he loses his competition (mention in Chapter 1) ....... Here comes the turning point of life after he looses the competition he was knocking his head due to his failure mind searing the reason it may be his girlfriend just because he meet him ever single day week before his competition may be he thought getting distracted an angry mind whom should he blame now mind has decided to broke up or to go with heart but how lets see about in coming chapter............. stay tuned and know the twist in Dinesh life.
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