meaning of life!

Life has five major purposes for a human being..
1:Acquire Knowledge..
2:Earn your bread and butter out of your own sweat..
3:Produce and present an able offspring to contribute towards the progress of the world..
4:Become a cause for someone’s happiness..
5:Believe and adore God’s Love and walk on the path to reach ‘him

1:Acquire Knowledge 
It is the first duty of the man to acquire knowledge of life, of this world, of the fellow beings and of God.. Without the proper knowledge you may still grow but can not advance further.        

2: Earn your bread
With proper knowledge at your backing, you need to work to earn.. Your earnings should be out of your own sweat.. meaning, you should not beg, borrow, steal or snatch.. In the absence of a proper knowledge, you may be forced to beg, borrow.

3: Human evolution
Yes.. it is a duty of a man to produce an able offspring so that such an offspring too would be able to acknowledge and fulfill his responsibilities of life.. and contribute towards the progress of this world..

Life places this responsibility on your shoulder.. You are required to do something in order to make someone’s life a little better.. Your life will be incomplete unless you fulfill this responsibility..   

5:Believe in God
God is the ultimate truth.. Each soul born on this earth has to gradually progress towards this reality.. Until and unless one turns to this reality, one will always return..!!


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