life is a joke

life is a joke 
life is a joke
never realize when you smoke
throat getting choke
lungs wanting oxygen to be soak
life is a joke 
life is a joke 
until you meet that heart stroke
feeling the chest pain 
just like a hitting ken
have you ever thought your kids is just ten
how can be you a careless folk
life is a joke 
life is a joke 
sitting on a chair in the row
wife praying god for your life to grow
you never wasted a single puff before you throw
now everything will be a live show

your blood has stopped to flow
body temperature will touch the snow
changes always take slow
tears in the eyes the winds blow

light gets to much glow
the noise is made by the clock
wake you up with the shock

till now you have made a list of smoking team
don't worry it was just a dream
so from today quit smoking................


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