Well, pillow its a more secret place where we hide our pain. so, a hard secure place where no hacker can crack its security so well its  PILLOW, the mass storage of our pain, sorrow, and tears. the pillow is one of the things that hide our pain no matter what age and time are it will ABSORB it and LOCK it from the world and take it deep down one the best place to drop the tear when you don't have shoulder or the pain that won't be shown to anyone.

 It is your pillow the only thing that drinks away from your pain the pillow is the best gift. During our childhood, it protects us from falling when we are wrapping up or sleep like a baby when we are a teenage it helps to fulfill loneliness when we need someone around us to hug and sleep it help in fighting with our love once and in the end it support our neck and spine in some culture we carry our bed to our grave. The great people said the first task in the morning should be our bed making because no matter how hard is your day good or bad it is you have a nicely made bed to sleep in the end you had done something good in a day so you got a nice bed to sleep and positive in the night.

So, let me know whats your thoughts about the pillow in the comment section here are some of the exiting once which I really like.


  1. Actually a pillow is a better and a best thing which hide aur pain and sorrows
    Everyone gets attached to it when they are alone or want to be lonly
    The above lines revels the truth of our day to day life


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